Bukit Antarabangsa landslide's tragedy

Many condolences to all the victims

Al - Fatihah.


Do Malaysian learns somethings through this tragedy?

I will definitely say no.Malaysians never learns somethings


Matt said...

In mi opinion,Msia government shd have learnt frm previous tragedy and banned hillside Dev. If the built houses/infrastructure on the hills, they shd have done research on soil conditions and safety. So is development MORE impt than a HUMAN LIFE? Think again! Hope theres no repeat of such incident! BUCK UP MSIA GOV! Dont wait for tragedy to Strike!

kELvIN aka TrAiN mAN said...

What to do... some of the people prefers "tengok dulu sampai ada yang mati atau terasa sendiri, baru ambil tindakan..."

Nabiel Haniff said...

btol2 kelvin