Trip to KUL by train

I just want to share my trip to Malaysia City,Kuala Lumpur.
So far this trip was nice and happening.
Hazwan told me to follow him after my EST paper end, a day before departure date.
I rushed to Wakaf Bharu station to buy a ticket with my uncle's car.
The ticket is just RM38 for KBR - KUL route.
Early morning on 28 Nov,I checked AirAsia's website for a ticket to fly back to KB.
I bought AK6328 flight at RM130.50.The schedules was 1940 on 30 November 2008.
At 4pm,I gave a call to my friend and ask him to send me to Tumpat station.
He arrived at 4.15 pm and rushed to Tumpat station.I went eary to avoid traffic jam.hehehe..
So,I reached Tumpat station at 5pm..
Sungguh memenatkan...

to be continue...


kELvIN aka TrAiN mAN said...

Aiks !!! Haven't continue yet ah your trip report ?

Nabiel Haniff said...

i dont know what to continue..
hahaha..maybe tak der dah kot

kELvIN aka TrAiN mAN said...

apalah u ni. teruknya...