Trip To Sabah..

Hey guys.
Dah seminggu aku tak blog.
pagi smalam baru je smpai kota bharu.
penat sgt nak taip2..
so hari ini nk share pic and moments kat Labuan and Kota Kinabalu.
Anyway,a very thank you to Auntie Nin' and her husband,Uncle Nizam and her beloved daughter,Marha Syaliyana!
Overal rating for this trip is 4.6 stars!
I got a chance to enter the cockpit for AirAsia A320 and inflight cockpit visit for firefly ATR72-500.

First Onboard Maswing Fokker 50

First time duduk kat captain seat - airbus A320

Auntie Nin' , Yana, and Nabiel

KBR Airport

With Erina - Thanks Erina!


Maswings - Labuan Airport

His right engine

Kota Kinabalu Airport

1 Borneo Shopping Complex - The largest in Borneo

Jesselton Jetty Point - Ade habuk nih!


Auntie's accord!



whats wrong?silau la beb!



faiz.nasir said...

macam mana nk masuk kokpit?

nabiel said...

just write a letter and give to FA once u onboard

faiz.nasir said...

ooo.. berahim tuh abg mung ke?

Anonymous said...

wah lau nyer..never been there before..

kELvIN aka TrAiN mAN said...

wow ! you really have fun time over there ! kalau tiap2 hari macam best gak kan ?

kepalasenget said...

kenapa kepala ko nampak senget kalo amik gambar? hmmm