Flight Attendant

Hi and hello to all my followers..
Today is my third day to decide whether to go or not for flight attendant course in KL.
As you know,I am very passion to be an airlines pilot and by hook or by crook,I must be a pilot soon.hehe.
Talk 'bout this courses, i must go through this course for 2-3months.They will teach me on how to build character,self confidence,how to talk,interview and everthings about FA and aviation industry as well.
Besides FA knowledge,I think I will get the other knowledget that i need to learn before i go for pilot cadet interview.
As scheduled,I will go to KUL this Thursday / Friday evening by express wau with Hazwan.Then we'll stay at kakak hazwan punya rumah around Kajang.

What do u think guys?Should i take this course?
Please,do pray for me on whatever i do! Pray for my success!

British Airways

Brussel Airlines Flight Attendant...


ayina said...

ambik jerla dearest.
if you think thats good for you.
pape pun,
you'll always have my support.

Nabiel Haniff said...

thank q ayna..