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I've been tagged from [IT JUST ABOUT ME]!
Hey my followers and readers!
Internet kat umah ni slow sket..xmcm streamyx..
so aku rase cm malas je nk update blog2 nih.
tp memandangkan si boy ( owner it just bout me ) dah tagged aku,so terpaksalah kene buat..
everytime aku online,mesti die YM suruh wat post nih..
Isnin ni kelas aku dah start..
Wish aku luck ok..

b4 is the rules :

"The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people."

Question 1

My ordinary name MOHAMAD NABIEL HANIFF B CHE NASIR.I'm 18 years old.and currently in Sg Besi.

Question 2
I realy want to go to?

I wish to go to Australia,and Europe.For me that continents will bring me joy and prosperity..

Question 3
My favourite place

My favourite place?hurm..My room,theme park...hehe

Question 4
My fav food

Nasi Ayam and biscuits..

Question 5
My fav drink

Milk,Apple Juice,Barley drink

Question 6
My school/college

Last high school is SMK PUTERA.Next college Inter-Excell

Question 7
My favorite story

My own story.Cerita KAMI.Betulkan Ayna?
Pirates of Carribean,Enchanted..

Question 8
I was born in

i was born in the hospital kota bharu Qlate on Feb 5th 91

Question 9
My hobby

My hobby?
Flight Simming,sumtime singing and sumting sleeping..hahahah

Question 10
My fav color

i love all color but my most fav are blue,orange and black

Question 11
I wish to be

I wish to be what i want to be!hehe..
I am passion to be an airlines pilot in the future but currently im in Flight attendant course..hahahaha

Yeah...akhirnya dah habis jwb2 soklan2 nih..tq kat boy sbb sudi gak tagged me although memenatkan sesiapa yg kene tag..

I rase i nk tag sorang je kot..walaupun die nye rules kene 6..hahaha

1. Ayina aka Ayna

Ayna,pls answer all the questionss!
Gud luck..jgn marah2


ayina said...

waa~~ i sorang jer yg kene!! yerla³.

1. ayina bt azman shah. malay. and 18 years old.

2. florida. nk g main disneyland.

3. my home. Home Sweet Home!

4. french fries mcd. and daging kedai rashid!! yummm!!

5. teh!

6. SMCC. chung cheng.

7. cerita KAMI! yeah nabiel. betol! also novel²s yg i own and buat seniri.

8. in pantai hospital, kuala lumpur, on the 15th of jan 1991 around 1.47am?. wahaha. detail!!

9. tido, makan, nyanyi, joget, dgr lagu, tulis cerita KAMI, tgk DBSK.. shinee and taegoon!


11. ... ni soklan yg paling i xsuka. sbb tatau. Either journalist / maybe lawyer??.. aduii.. entah!

okay. dah jawab. tQ mr nabiel for tagging me. zzz.

ayina said...

tpkan niff, instruction dia, suruh cari gmbar. tp nvm ba. cs i malas, i kot cara u. haha!!

me & myself said...

thanks but not far you break the rules...

1. you din find other 6 person more to tag
2. you din put any pic..

not fare la...
coz im doin this alomst 1 n a half hour