No More Samsung Corby


Sadly, the corby can't exist in my daily life!
Ouh No..
Oleh kerna, corby yang aku inginkan telah OUT OF STOCK!

Oleh kerena henfon lama aku pon bermasalah...tak kuasa dah nak tunggu lama2 semata2 utk
CORBY tuh!

So i went and explored kat kedai telefon tadi sehingga terjumpa SONY ERICSSON C903a.
Wah... the price quite same dgn corby tapi FUNCTION dia SUPERB!

With 5.0Megapixel of camera, GPS receiver, 3G, and others functions, its quite better than SAMSUNG CORBY.
Malangnya, i suka gila2 kat samsung corby tuh..sebab reka bentuk dia yang comel!!

Tapi takpe lah... Tiada REZEKI utk CORBY.
SE pon oke lah!
At first, nak pilih warna putih sebab lately suka sgt kat kaler putih..
malangnya jugak, PUTIH pon OUT OF STOCK.
so just amek black je lah

I love jgak la this phone coz their function..

lastly, A VERY THANK YOU TO ERIC AFNAN coz giving me this PHONE as a PRESENT!

Luv you!


joey said...

err hi

i once got the same c903 before!

anyway i've change to LG..

p/s it's a good phone. The only thing that the phone lose to Corby is it doesn't have touch screen.

Nabeyll Hanyff said...


c903 such a best phone aite bcause of its functions.hehe

but, corby still in my mind bcasue of its design..luv the corby's design very much.hehe