College + Final Exam !

heeyyyyy peoples!

ape khabar anda semua ?
sehat tak ?
so far, i've been through 3 papers which are, airport development, airport operation and ground handling. Alhamdulillah, i did well in every papers.

after abes je paper last yang ketiga,
saya and frens , snapping some pictures.
tujuannye utk diletakkan didalam website college.
kononnye2 model website college lah..hahaha.
tapi website tuh tak start launch lagi . utk new look / layout of my
college's website.

So my next paper gonna be on this upcoming monday, 8th November .
Hooope everything gonna be smooth .
doakan kejayaan saya ya.
4-flat insyaAllah . =)
itu sahaja saya mahu share in this entry.
"anda buat anda dapat"
hhahaha..tetibe kaitan cm dlm rancangan kat tv9 tuh... =p


AdiE said...

best of luck in ur coming paper k.

~ DanieL AdiE ~

Nabeyll Marvel said...

adie : thanks dearest adie =)

Joey said...

owh. skrang kolej time exam eh?

semoga berjaya :)

Nabeyll Marvel said...

joey : yupz !
thanks anyway !!