My Car - Before and After Repair

Yesterday,papa took the car at the workshop and brought home.
Unfortunately,aircond,and some wiring currently cannot use for a while.
So far,the car looked very 'beauty' with black n gold colour with no tyre covers!
So today,papa wanna send that car to the another workshop for aircond and wiring.!
After that,the car will enter the workshop again for painting!

harap2 cepat2 la siap!!

Very2 Ugly with no tyre cover n black n gold colour!


The xcident part!


KoKo Whytechocoluv said...

chantek sgt kete tuh.
ahahah jgn mkn ati.

Iskandar Khazimin said...

len kali adik bawak kete tu hati-hati

Pyan-CGT said...

baiki cepat2, nanti leh bawak aku pusing KB