Old Friends


Just writing this blog for the last time in kota bharu.

Just wanna share some of my activities the last day in Kota Bharu after I'm going back to KL this morning at 3am.

Last nite, my best buddy; Hazwan, Sheeda n Nazili asked me to meet them at hayaki kopitiam for a short n small gathering.

Yeah, although i am too busy for the last in KB, but i tried myself to attend that gathering. So i told them, i can be there at 6 in the evening.

So i proceed to kopitiam at 6pm from my residence. but the traffic was slow so i reached there at 6.20pm.but im damn happy cause' can met them.

Nazili, Hazwan n Sheeda, THANKS coz being my friend! I love you guys!! Hope our friendship will never end!

So, i shared some pictures here.

Hazwan,Eliey, and Sheeda, Please save the pictures!

Good nite and have a nice day!