AirAsia Allstars (:

Heyy everyone .
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How are you peeps?

Yeahh, Friday 29th June 2012 was the historic day in my life when I was selected to be part of airasia allstars staff. Its definitely a great moment ever for me.

Reached lcct's office by 9.20am accompanied by my best friend and not to mention that I one of the early 'new staff' reached there.

Waiting outside the office was amazing minutes too for me. I've chances to see how active airasia staff swhen they do their task. ( tak macam sesetengah tmpt , staff pasif n lembab je).. After 10mins seated outside the office, we direcly was instructed by the security guard to enter the office and straight away went to the room. I'm not sure what was the name of that room. Haha. Seriously, it was awesome! .

In that room, it was like a tuition classes. Full of chairs with table attached, white board, speakers and etc.,Soon after Mdm Saidatul came in, she called our names and gave the red file with airasia "allstars badge"
She explained to us about airasia, about our salary, allowances, OT, our job task and training period..

I need to undergo on job training in LCCT for about 2 weeks before i'm going to be a student once again in AirAsia academy for 3 weeks started from July 16th.

Perhaps, in August I will be 'real' staff and face a true situation. A lots of feedbacks I received towards to my career. But I have to put in my mind, and stick in my way, because being part of airasia are people's dream. I was chosen and I should proud of to be part of this big families.

On whatever happen in future, tension with passengers, stress, tired, not enough rest should be not the big reasons ! To build a career, need to sacrifice. As mentioned by the station manager, in airasia its not a job, but its a CAREER.!

Raise my hands and pray to my Lord Allah s.w.t to keep blessing me and gives me strength to face my future life.. Dear readers, pls wish me luck and pray for me.

I hope and pray that all of you success in your life and be someone who are very useful. INSYAALLAH.


Anonymous said...

Nk tnye, cmner nk apply for air asia stewardess? sy berminat sgt2. tpi, xtahu ape yg diorang nk. Sy cume lepasan diploma dri bidang pelancongan. thanks