AirAsia CEO

Heeeyyy guys!

I'm updating my blog while i wait for my friend to come to lcct.
Yeah, definitely quite bored here.
Alone with the crowded of passengers.

Yesterday, AirAsia Malaysia (AK) was celebrated their golden team party and we were invited as a new staff to know more bout airasia culture.
what can I say is, it was absolutely AWESOME!

Luckily, the vouge, friendly and humble ceo was there. I adored and salute her  seriously. Airasia practices the staff like a family and they prove it.. Ms Aireen Omar is a humble person, friendly and have a marvellous smiles.

we got the chances to snap picture with her and she was pleased and easy going person indeed.

I am proud to being part of AirAsia All stars families and really wish to expand my career in the world's best low cost airlines...

See you guys!



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