Fight ACNE !

oh yes, went to specialist skin clinic for my skin treatment. Lately, pimple came out banyak sggt..
malu nak kemana2 !

yeah to admit, to cover all the pimples, i wear make up...simple compact big surprise aite? man nowadays memang wear compact powder .
its normal...! :)

lately, lepas pimples came out terlalu banyak dah besar2, pakai la bedak setebal 10 inch pon, still appear on my face skin ! its damn stress !
(maybe org yg suffered with this problem faham camne stress nye bila ada pimple)

So, persuade my grandma. Ask her again and again.  nak pegi klinik nih!
finally went there...sambil2 tu my brother jugak demam & selsema, so we went together to KLINIK LEE, KB.

so after consulted doctor, he gave me SEVEN type of drugs ! cream, nasal spray, capsule and acne bar wash. Doc said, it will take at least 8-12 weeks depends on my skin reaction lah kan . Alhamdulillah. InsyaAllah, hope it really work on my face.

Doakan ya !

I wish to have my flawless face skin ! AMinnnn!!