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how are you ? 
lets talk bout my topic above. !

if you are one of my loyal follower, you will know the story of mine.
yeah, to make it short, i explain to you yaa.

last time, there have a quite big conflict between me and my real parents, actually my real mom !
yeah, its have been loooong time ago...maybe three to four years ago. oldies case right?
the conflict started when there have misunderstanding between us. I was adopt to my adopted parents since I was three maybe or less than that. My adopted parents are also my uncle and auntie. 
They were such a very nice parents for me. GREAT parents for me. ( AL-FATIHAH ) to them.

When the conflict happen, i threw  the abusive words towards them. Maybe that time I were in the unstable mood after my late mom passed away. (act my adopted mom). My blog is one of the medium to share what is on my mind and what to share to public and fellow follower. At that time, my real sister was also one of the active member of blog. She kept follow my blog. After the abusive and harsh words came out from this blog, so she was reported to my real mom maybe...

"When I do something, I really meant it, either the abusive words or apologize"
So after the shit words came out from my mouth, its a big war for us. yeah, i really want to say it and I did it. Finally, my life's flow ran as usual. I do everything by my own after my late parents passed away. 

So after years, I've done my study in KL. Yeah, Alhamdulillah after all of my own sacrifices, efforts and support my adopted family I was success in my study.. And now, its time for me to seek a job and lastly i was chosen into AIRASIA. So, i decided to put my real parents's name into parents list for the flying benefit. To share with you guy, i faced very challenge and hard life to success.FYI, Actually no "adopted" words for my adopted family. They are the best for me. From mom & dad, grandma, aunties, uncle n etc...

From my adopted family's side, they advised me to apologize with my real mom, but i couldn't do. Till one fine day, my heart said to do so. Then, I sent her a text message to apologize. As i mention above, when i do something, I really meant it. So when I says sorry, I really meant it. Its sincere my deep heart..

after few messages sent, there was no response from her. I keep silent, keep patient , text her again and by sudden, he updated his WHATSAPP Status with " DONT DISTURB ME".. Even it was a public status, but I know, the status is definitely for me !

Okay now, i've  no heart feeling any more. I tried hard to make it happen and finally it end up with a quite bad result..
I wish one of their family will read this, and they will know how do i feel. 
If war started from this blog, why not, the apologize also from this blog. FAIR right?
May Allah keep bless her family. My prayer always with you even though I am not in your list. 

" saya sedar mereka tidak menggapkan saya seperti anak2 mereka yg lain kerana saya pon dibesarkan oleh orang lain kan. So small problem bila untuk minta maaf pon susah, kerana kasih dan sayang mereka berbeza. Jika anak sendiri yg dibela, dijaga dan dididik meminta maaf, nescaya, tiada halangan besar untk mereka utk memaafkan" Wallahualam .

That's all !
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Joey said...

a family is still a family even though how much you hate them.

although i never been in your shoes, but dont lose all hope on your family.

Good luck at air asia. Mana tau when I go back home, I'll see you at the airport :)