Today,I sent my application form to London Fish Tales Tesco,KB.
The supervisor on duty was En Syamil.He said,they will call me by phone for interview process between two to three days.
En Syamil asked me a few questions.He was very kind and manner person.
I really hope for this job because they will pay me high.
I hope I will success in the interview soon..
To all of my buddies,do pray for me and hope everythings will be fine.

Chaiyok! Chaiyok !!

To be continue...


ayina said...

nanti dapat, kita share² gaji eh?! hahaha!

kELvIN aka TrAiN mAN said...

so dapat kerja tak ?

Nabiel Haniff said...

tak dapat2..
i frust dah.
rase dah fedup nk carik keje lagi

kELvIN aka TrAiN mAN said...

jangan putus asa dik...