The Sound Of My Heart


Its’s wrong isnt it
That my heart desires
To have love
And a river of hopes
For this tired life
To have a strengh once again
I’m dissapointed by my shattered life
I wish to forget it
But it seems no one understands
Happiness is somethings I’ve only borrwed
Living as if i don’t exist
Like I am a forgotten soul
No matter how hurtful its been
I have to swallow it
My heart is crying
But no one can hear it
My tears fall to the ground
Slicing repeatedly into a lonier heart
Lets last cry
Reiterates my sorrowful life
There isnt a person who understand me
I want the heaven to come take me away
A plea from someone who’s been cast out
The last things I want to say is
How much I love you
I hope one day you will understand


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very fine......

Nabiel Haniff said...


Nabiel Haniff said...

I wrote these type of words
time accident aritu afta parents scolding me and blaming me all the time...
baca dan fahami maksud tersirat dalam tulisan itu

ayina said...

err.. u tulis ni love ke..
org xprasan u idop?

i get it and understood.
just xpaham tu je.