Confusing ...Confusing...

As you can see,our global economy is going down and aviation industry as well.
Singapore Airlines, which is one of the big company is planning to cut off the pilot numbers because of this crisis.
I am one of the 2008 SPM cadidates.My SPM result will be announced in early or middle of the March. I was planning to join Asia Pacific Flight Training that is located in Kota Bharu's Airport
Unfortunately,my ambition since I was young was blocked by this crisis.
I am afraid that I can't get any jobs in the future after I finish my training in APFT!.

Until now, I have no idea on what course that I should be involved in the University

Major Option : PILOT and PILOT and PILOT

2nd Option : Flight Attendant or sumting related to the aviation industry

3rd Option : TESL ( teaching english in 2nd language ).

Please help me!


ayina said...

i suggest, u duduk diam². think deep about it.! okay love?.


Anonymous said...

chill ok...

global economic crisis will only gonna last for about one year. (so i heard, and so i hoped). so, by 2010, it will start to go up again. so, im sure u gonna spend more than a year to study aviation aite..?? so by the time u completed ur study, the economic would be better by then.

so no need to worry too much about that. just go for something that u like to do. seriously. it gives u extra motivation, and that's very crucial.

so Gud Luck, lad!

Nabiel Haniff said...

thanks noblemien and ayna!