New Updates From me!

"ape khabar jomflying???"!!

I harap korang semua sihat2 jerk ye..
Dah lama gak la xupdate my blog a lot of things to do..
bz sana sini...
Just for the info,my flight attendant course will end this 7th May.
So,i will fly back to my hometown for a while.
I hope,I will back to KUL soon in different course.
For all my frends in KL,wait for my transformation yeah!

To all my frens,
i miss you.
i love you all.
we will meet again soon okay.
Nanti leh lepak2 lagi..borak2 lagi..ngumpat2 lagi...

take care dear!
take care my frends
take care all.

some latest pictures from me with the NEW HAIR

Thanks and leave me a comment okay!

sunway pyramid

the mines

new hair


Kaka XY said...

wahhh ngan fie lagi..sape blanje?
fie kan kuat makan huhu

ayina said...

takde beza pom rambut u!
btw, biler balek??
msg me if daa sampai!