Today's Activities

Gud Morning Ladies and Gentlement, boys and girls.
Once again selamat datang to JomFlying!

Today, i got a lot of things to do.
Its about my work, college and myself.

I got class at 1230pm for english subject. After that, my class will end at 1330 and i will directly go to KWSP with my beloved friends, Heidi and Fizi for making a KWSP account.

After that, heading to DBKL Clinic for injection.
Injection just untuk kerja kt pizza tu larh..
nanti kene sakit lark orang2 yang makan kt situ!


Pastu, malam nak gi tesco ampang kot untuk beli baju putih berkolar..
sebab for the first week of work, kene pakai baju plain white shirt with collar.
then, 2nd week, baru dapat uniform dari pizza.


**xsabar nak keje larh..first try ever in my life!
Wish me lucks guys!!!