Class started in AirAsia Academy is my first day in airasia academy. It well known as asian aviation centre of excellent because of the joint venture from CAE company.

It was great to be here.
Attended 3 classes for today which are people department or HR, company orientation, and lastly grooming class.

What can I say is , the most awesome class among the best class is grooming class. Seems like the time turn very fast. Haha. Tak puas dalam kelas Ms Mupin td.

Wish to talk to her more. Just wanna ask on how to apply concealer on men's face in the right way n skin care. She tought a lots . She did simple manicure massage on my hand, and on how to cover the oily skin only with johnsons baby powder... damn  its really really best!!

Soon, me update lagi..mahu tido dulu. My bed is calling me, gonna fly to the moon and catch the sweet dreams.. goodnite!!


Anonymous said...
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