So I Wanna Be A Pilot?

I am passionate to be an airlines pilot since I was young. I dream to fly a modern passengers aircrafts like Airbus A320, Airbus A330 and all other modern airliners with my full attention and skills. Pilot is a career that I have passion for because it is a skillful job that needs high discipline such as time management, personality, and others in each individual. Only this type of a person can be the most successful pilot. Besides working in the greatest office with full of modern equipment, I could also travel around the world.

On the other hand, pilot is a career that I see as the ambassador of our country. Walking with style and also with a generous smile is the symbol of Malaysia Hospitality a as a world's best cabin crew which is something that we are proud of as Malaysians and to show the rest of the world. People all over the world can judge us, MAS as one of the best and quality airline that have not only have so called “pilot” but also “well rounded pilot”.

Besides that, the new modern aircrafts like A330-300 and A380 are my most favourite aircraft. The reason why I love these types of aircrafts because of their design and their efficiency like fuel consumption and etc.

In virtual world, I love to play Microsoft Flight Simulator since I was thirteen .I received the software from my parents on my 13th birthday. Until now, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 CD which I still keep and I loved that CD so much. I played flight simulator almost everyday while dreaming that I can control that type of airbus aircraft in the real world, using my joystick and other controller, I could take off and land safely.

I am one of the frequent passengers. Almost all of my flight with, I will record a video during takeoff and landing. The roar of the engines during takeoff and landing is the part that I called music that I love so much.


ayina said...

ayina says : " go for it sayang!!"
mainla game tu sampai hacur CD.
no one can stop you from being what you want!


kELvIN aka TrAiN mAN said...

I setuju dengan ayina, main sampai hancur CD tu hahaha.

Nabiel, ko jadi pilot nanti jangan lupa kita kita kawan ni ... kalau ko lupa ... i gilis kau kat trek !!!

Nabiel Haniff said...

my best blog followers..

I janji,i xkan lupa dengan korang semua once i dah jadi pilot nanti.

Wish me luck ok geng!..?


The Allanz ZARA said...

Semoga berjaya dlm cita-cita anda...