New Semester,A New Life Begins

Good evening Ladies and Gentlement.
Welcome aboard Jomflying blogspot.

My new life as a Diploma In Aviation Management Student will start soon.
This upcoming Monday and Tuesday will be a orientatiton day for new students.
A bit scared+nervous because i will meet new friends,new lecturers,new staff members,new background,new environment and everythings new.

To all passengers,I damn love this course.
eventhough,i can't be a pilot yet,but thanks to God,Alhamdulillah because i'm still in the same field but in different position.

Just wish me luck ladies and gentlement for the first takeoff and landing that i will make at Cybernetics International College Of Technology "airport".

With Love,
Nabiel Haniff

**wait for my next post.


Pyan-CGT said...

Hope u enjoy ur new life!!!