I Won't Do It Until My Last Breath

Hi guys!
Assalamualaikum & Selamat Hari Jumaat.
Its a wonderful Friday for me!

First of all, while typing this blog i'm not feeling well ( demam +selsema ) tapi siket2 jerk..dah nak sehat dah pon!

For your info, i'm going to seat for Final Sem Exam this upcoming 12th April and sem break start on 21st April 2010.
Ouh, damn afraid n nervous! kene study gila2!!

Back to the title above, its about my family again!
after long time there is no about family, sekarang ade balik!
Spoiling my mood and of course! CRYING!

Last 2days, i've sms my ayahsu and ask him ; "How Are You?"
Then he replied a day after. " baik, tq"

Even, its just a simple replied, but membawa byk makna!
So i told him " i wanna meet you and settle up all the problems before"
A few minutes later, he replied " you should do the same with your papa n mama"

Who Papa & Mama??
The bullshit parents in the world!
Ouh GOD!

I replied back to him " I won't do it until my last breath and i told 'tokwan' already. For me they are nothing"

Yes, totally NOTHING!

I dunt care, what ppl wanna say about me after this. because ITS MY FEELING!

I hope, between me, ayahsu, che su and the rest of my adopted parents/family will settle down!
No more conflicts and no more tears and no more beggie.
But, no body can force me and no body can ask me for say sorry or to mama, papa and their family.

I just repeat it, they are nothing to me!

Lastly, sorry if terguna bahasa kasar or ape2, tapi just wanna show my feeling and this is one of my way to express my feeling.


jackAlist said...

. . .hey what happen?


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AkU said...

Dear..what happen??
seriously..what happen??